Sunday, 19 February 2012



It's a terrible thing to realize you are nothing.
That the only reason you have lost everything,
anything that ever mattered,
is that you are nothing.

No one, from nowhere, with nothing.

The love of your life has vanished,
because you were nothing,
and nothing really mattered in the end.

No one, going nowhere, with nothing.

Every vestige, every distraction, gone,
every appendage, every trust, gone,
every worthless association, gone,
every dictatorial game, gone,
every dream, every thought, every feeling, gone,
every thing that ever meant anything, gone.

The terror of that realization,
the trembling in the pit of uncertainty,
has liberty sown into its core.

For when you are no one, with nothing,
anywhere you go, is somewhere,
anything you do, is something,
and anyone you become, is someone.

For you have everything to gain,
and nothing to lose,

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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