Thursday, 2 February 2012



Now, is the moment of your eternity,
the timeless transcendent sweep of your dance,
the giddy joy of your spirit,
stirring the seconds into a trance.

Now, is the forge of your steel,
the swirling fire of that giddy spinning wheel,
the tumult of the minutes grasped,
a razors edge honed as they passed.

Now, is the hour of your risen glory,
the lessons learn't in your ascendant story,
the foaming wash upon that sand whisked beach,
the hourglass of your endless reach.

Now, in this moment found,
spun upon your holy ground,
to triumph over all you fought,
and find the golden age you sought.

Now, a lifetime in an instant,
brought forth from out the distant,
laid bare before your throne,
sweet fragrance of your own.

All those days, hours,
years that passed,
we waited for this tree to grow,
rejoicing now,
for it blooms at last,
sweet perfumed gift,
of seeds once sown.

This damsel Magnolia ripens,
and in its fragrant airs,
the sun, the moon, and all the world
is here.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

Artwork by Lorraine Sumners


RMP said...

My very great pleasure in collaborating with a truly exceptional digital artist, Lorraine Sumners, The work entitled 'Magnifique' is truly magnifique!...thank you Raine.

More of Lorraine's artwork can be viewed from the link above, or at please do not hesitate to peruse her stunning collection of artwork.

I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist, and not copy or reproduce the artwork in any way without the prior consent of the artist, thank you.

Raine said...

With love and gratitude to you Richard for yet another poem of divine beauty and inspiration which carried my imagination away on a Summer's breeze... ;)
It is always an honour and delight to collaborate creatively with you and I look forward to many, many more...
L xox