Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This Love...

This Love...

This love is a fire
and in the flame I am consumed
like a coal to hot ashes
that burns away all that is not you.
I tried to cut the flame
the rising heat that flickers in this wind
the light in the darkness between us
the distance of time without you
but no knife is keen enough
nor scythe so sharp
it could ever slit the blaze.
Wild, in blood it burns
and overturns every will
every wall I have created.
Cinders to the fire
these shattered remnants of my heart
consumed in a smelt of desire.
To live with only the memory of you
is a hell in the making
but to live without you
a fiery torment
in the furnace of my breaking.
Lick upon my soul
devour the breath inside me
for to know that you live
is a death,
without you beside me.
This love
the bloody fire of arrows wrought
that rents the sinew of my soul
will never die
soothed only in the whole
a balm of this union between you and I.

I am aflame in your hearth
and in this tempests fiery wind
I burn for you.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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