Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dark and Slow

-Dark and Slow-

Departed self,
That eked out the remnants of this flame,
across the oceans of your time,
doused in the dying embers of some fornicating wine.

Where have you gone? whispered the wind,
as she laughed, and blew dim shadows of you,
across the anguish of this yawning chasm,
the silent gap, between the hope and the jaw.

Where have you gone? I asked the maw!
the leaping heart that swam the rift,
before the rising tide of this bodies burning bridge,
the lift, a fallen memory now, blown into a void, disavowed.

Oh drowning heart, that slips upon the tides,
becalmed upon a devils isle, denied,
did your flesh not ache?
With every titillated breaking wave,
that crashed upon these shores,
the aching craw of this love.

The licking flame at night,
your tongues of fire
devouring each quivering morsel of my soul,
the crack of solid  bone
slapped upon the yielding sopping swell of your tide,
consumed in soulful yelps of this hungering ride.

Where have you gone? I yelled into the earth!
a sounding board of dust and death,
a dry and treacherous still birth.
What care he for all the broken shards shattered in the dirt,
crushed beneath the gravitas in the belly of his girth.

Oh raging heart,
when all the world lay between your toes,
bowing to the splendor of wild blossom in the summer grass,
the heaven of these untouched meadows,
throbbing to the silken joy of this touch,
you never asked so much as a tear be added
to the trembling brook,
as it ran beneath each naked breast, kissed,
lest the suckling waves
that lap upon the crowning tip in slips,
dry within this sunlit kiss.

Where did you go?
caught now between the silence and the woe,
fraught with only the echoing glimpses of your soul,
the empty pieces scattered in the dust,
the dull reflections of this hearts sullen hollow.

Dark and slow,
Where did you go?

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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