Monday, 23 April 2012

-The Fecund Seed-

-The Fecund Seed-

Fate and destiny mark our bond,
for you my love,
are the flower that blooms late,
in the bittersweet field,
sown with the ashes of past grief.

Tilled and turned within the rich loam,
the death of fading hopes and dying dreams,
strewn between the rotting mulch,
mingling in the cool rain of your fallen tears,
the sodden peat of all those forlorn years.

This fecund seed,
that bursts into the fading light,
screams 'LIFE!'...
Born from every woe and strife,
feeds upon the sorrow and the grief,
broken and discarded,
in the doleful debris of your past.
An efflorescence of courage and triumph,
erupting into this dim world,
the effulgence of our hallowed glory,
bedazzling, in the twilight of our years.

This testament, rich and fragrant,
emboldened in these dark silken petals,
the blossom from out the solemn shadow,
resplendent amidst these two bespoken fettle's.
The aromatic splay, of natures patient ways.

 Poetry: © Richard Michael Parker 2012

Photo: 'black tulips' by Gennady Shingarev

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