Friday, 27 July 2012

Let us speak no more of love

-Let us speak no more of love- 

Let us speak no more of love; Let us not sully the air with a fractured tide of sullen words, born from out the disappointment, the sad and grim realization that every expectation builds a cage, bar by bar. The fallen vision, pale in the world made real, the words and the deed, a dissonant separation, made flesh through every wanton need.

A golden dawn, full flush upon the sky, beckons every eye unto its glory, until spoken, out loud, foretold within this story, the caliginous invitation to some dark and ominous cloud, dampens the dream, rolls upon the scene, with every scheme designed and deigned.

So let us speak no more of love; Let us watch instead the dove, fly into the heavens, its wings free from every tawdry lilting tongue, from every spoken word that's wrung from lips full parted, the beckoning sound of each full-hearted love, buried in the boxes they are stuffed within.

Let us say, not a single word, leave it all unheard, unsaid, free from the fractures of the broken and the dead. The flighted hearts of young lovers, unspoken, unfettered in silence, eyes that speak truths that no tongue dare utter, the flutter of butterflies, free from the crushing lies of mouths unoccupied.

Let us speak no more of love, save with deeds reproving, the moving moments, unspoken, the beckoning of this hearts first token.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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