Thursday, 26 July 2012

-Dark Butterfly-

-Dark Butterfly-

Dark Butterfly,
alight upon this moonlit dream
and kiss the dappled starlight,
that swims this honeyed stream.
The twinkle in each eye,
the echo of each tenderness
caught between these sighs.

Drawn towards this hearths eternal fire,
caught within your hearts edacious glare,
the testament of all that we desire,
delighting in the pleasure of you there.

These wings, marked with tenderness,
the sup of moon-flower’s beauty on your breath,
a filigree of love, in light, that's endless,
does conquer every harsh and sullen death.

Dark pools of night,
that shine in fulsome moonlight,
swim into this sea,
the fathomless depths
of all you have become to me,
to crush that ancient woe,
down beneath the salt of your loving undertow.

And full the swelling breast of love is suckled,
deep into the gullet and the maw,
to sate the vanquished heart in those most troubled,
and quench the ring of fire for-evermore.

Sweet, the blossom supped in poisoned light,
that shot across the sky of broken peace,
did fall upon the hearts of all that night,
a lesson born of wings
in loves release.

But lo...

These hues that stoked the fire,
did calm the raging waters of desire,
to swim the reach across that ancient tide,
and heal the broken hearted mordants cry.
A fettled peace, together side by side.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012-2016

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