Thursday, 19 July 2012

-Two Hearts Passing in the Park-

-Two Hearts Passing in the Park-

My heart died.
I took it out for a walk,
but I didn't have it on a lead
so it just ran up to perfect strangers
and bled all over them
they didn't seem to understand
and just ran in horror,
sanguinated in the rush.

I tried to explain
that most folks wear theirs on the inside
but it simply kept on pumping,
jumping around the block,
it didn't know how to stop I guess
so what could I do? we just kept walking

I could see it was getting bruised
turning black and blue,
dazed and confused,
but its hard to put it back
once it has leapt out your mouth.

Then one day,
we were walking by the park,
bleeding over the sidewalks and grass,
when who should pass
but another heart.
I stood and stared, disbelieving and aghast,
two hearts passing in the park,
they seemed filled with such feeling.
I guess that's what hearts do,
feel, transmit and receive feelings,
anyway, we let them play,
and we did that day upon day,
just letting them free in the park,
jumping, pumping in the park,
even after dark.

Then one day, we went to greet,
and it was all smiles and formalities,
so sweet, but no heart.
I asked where it was,
and they told me they had swallowed it.
I tried to make him understand
but he just broke upon the spot
as if he had taken some terrible beating
bleeding all the way home
he didn't jump once, not once.

So anyway, he's dead.
I guess I should care about that,
but I cant seem to give a toss,
perhaps it is some great loss,

I mean, I can still think!... right!
so who needs to feel anything?

I mean, when you have a brain,
who needs a heart, right?

I think though, 
I will buy a leash for my brain,
after all, I wouldn't want it ending up the same.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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