Monday, 29 October 2012

Never Alone

-Never Alone-

The steady downbeat on the footfall of my heart,
washing away the pain, clearing the path,
steadying my soul again to start...
No chains, nor ties deceiving,
no anchor upon this fallow roads conceiving.
A measured walk among the calm trees,
leaves, purple and gold, swimming in the breeze.

I stopped to scoop you up once,
these vain hands, cumbersome and slow,
caught only dashing air in the gentle fallen snow.
Summer past, and Autumn too,
drifting amongst the ashes, the forgotten embers,
a timely remembrance of you.

And so, we pass this way again,
forsaken in the reaping, steady in a heartfelt beat,
one love, the one worth keeping.
How dull the mind, caught in the fractured glare,
blinded by desire, all distractions stripped and bare.
How dull the edge, without the whetted stone,
the grinding, smelted fire, of each heart that's left alone.

'Never alone, never alone'...
The scales fell from my eyes, and caught your smile.
'Never alone'...  

© Richard Michael Parker 2012


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