Saturday, 10 November 2012

Golden Awakenings

-Golden Awakenings-

Sumptuous meanderings beneath silken skins,
pandering eyes lost in the depth of your sighs,
the eruptive effusive joy of dancing souls,
caught between the light and the fire.

No artifice nor salacious manifest missed,
the pure enraptured joy of each lovers kiss,
revelling in the succulence of the tenderest gift.

Soft warm breath, pressed upon these lips,
the tremulous joy of enfolded fingertips,
stroking each wave, lost in this ease,
the sweep of these sliding hips,
the tightness of the squeeze.

Caught in a gentle breeze, 
each smile, dripping in the melting pot, 
Dew dipped buds of pleasure slipping languidly in repose,
the fragrant crush of petalled wings, the tender suckled rose.

Voluptuous and slow, this dawns light comes,
rising in a fire, fluttering in a trembling wind,
winged harbinger of desire.

Each flighted formless memory is born upon a wing,
to speed into a future bright, the lark beset to sing,
recalling what has yet to come, loves golden awakening.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

Artwork: 'The Kiss' - Gustav Klimt

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