Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pensive Heart

Pensive Heart

Lost in a forest of dark pensive dreams,
wrapped up in a bubble of light,
you heal, and are free, from those corpulent schemes,
Oh dear heart, I am with you tonight.

All we once knew and all we believed,
laid waste in an instants fragility,
sensate and naked, momentarily aggrieved,
metamorphically changed by reality.

To know the first fearless steps that we took,
were copied and pasted, with the glue of this love,
from the tattered dull pages torn from out an old book,
to kick start two hearts with a push, and a shove.

The faceted face of this jewel we have cut,
will shine in our light of resplendence,
not be borrowed nor taken from doors we have shut,
but a blessing to all, through transcendence.

Yet, still the heartbeats come with sighs,
boiling in a cauldron in the silent depths of memory,
a flight of efflorescing ever dancing butterflies,
transformed into an airy flight of wings to bring you back to me.

Twin wings, marked by constancy and devotion,
this swelling tide subsides into a calm and restive place,
to rest beside each healing silent depth within this ocean,
and heal within the living loving light of constant grace.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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