Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Harmonized fingers slip
supple thighs, yielding lips,
gasping sighs, silken hips,
inside the lovers temple.
Sweetened oils, velvet palms,
passion boils, loving arms,
the sopping licking lapping balms,
of fleshly gifts entrancement.
The ripples and the shuddering,
peeked nipples in the suckling,
the lightning and the thundering,
of an opiated dance.
The delicacy of honeyed tongues,
orgasmically each body comes,
to sweet rhapsodic heartstrings strummed,
to melt into a Sun.
I felt you come, and in the gift,
I kissed your silken fingertips.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

Artwork: Jaanika Talts

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RMP said...

My Humble Thanks to Jannika Talts for her sumptuous interpretation and collaboration. Please take the time to click the link and visit Jaanika's webpage and gallery, it is a feast for the eyes and soul.

I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist, and not copy or transmit this artwork in any way without the prior permission of the artist, thank you.