Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Come As You Are...

Come As You Are...

Come as you are... My Heart;
Wrapped in the night and dressed with stars,
that we may swoon upon the whispering tails of comets,
and dance upon the silver lighted moon.

Come as you are... My Soul;
Dripping in the glow of incandescence,
the showering meteor's throw of sensual essence.
heaving upon the world, a bursting glory,
the dazzling illumination of this lovers story.

Come as you are... My Flesh;
And I shall build a tower of skin to hold you,
enfold you, in a silken supple lair,
to rock you, endlessly, in the cradle of my stare.

Come as you are... My Whole;
Until in dreams we drift upon a beach,
the lunging surf of each eternal instance,
the golden sands crushed beneath our reach.
A flood of love enjoined from out the distance.

Come as you are... My Breath;
And we shall drape our souls entwined,
drunk upon the honey and the wine,
of lips no distant that the parting of each wave,
a unity of breath, a sun from out the grave.

Come as you are... The Music and the Dance.

For all the world has heard the trumpet and the lyre,
the cymbals and the horn, the rapture of desire.
The swirling giddy grace of love triumphantly reborn,
entranced within a sweet embrace, to dance upon the dawn.

Come as you are... My Love
for as you are, Am I.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

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