Tuesday, 3 December 2013



My Queen of Luminosity!

Who doth shine in my night, shrouded in the stars of a thousand wishes, who beams with recovered sunlight, who kisses the smiles and dreams of loves delight between each passing cloud...

...It is you, I have waited for, on the shore of contentment, seeking from across the bow waves of eternity the shimmering light of your glory, the dancing lip of each wind swept slip of time, the dips, the swirls of your infinite caress. Shining from out your countenance, a glimmering story, spoken in whispers, of fated lovers, entwined beneath their starlit covers, two drifters, shrouded in moonlight are we...

Long have I waited, and ever have you shone upon me there. Yet lo, the lights of dawn and dusk do mingle, the twinkled night brought before the alter of the day, a merging of two lights into a single sky reborn upon the milky way.

We wait no more, for all the world will see, in shimmering lucidity, the brilliant truth revealed, a hidden wisdom, of loves great art beneath the shroud concealed, exposed in glory, the foment of this endless story, a heart made true, one heart from two, my one immortal paramour.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

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